In this post, we’re pleased to introduce AtLas’, one of our featured instructors at our annual two-week intensive camp in August.

Meet AtLas’

We’re pleased to feature AtLas’ as our MC artist-educator. Born and raised in the home of  hip-hop, The Bronx, New York, AtLas’ incorporates her life experiences into her music to speak to culturally diverse audiences about an array of topics. She is mainly known for her ability to tell vivid stories making the listener a part of the journey, as she does on songs like “Mr. Right Now” and “Side Show.”

A social entrepreneur and educator, AtLas’ uses her craft to advocate for women in hip-hop. She also utilizes the skill of improvisation (freestyle) to teach the youth social and fiscal responsibility, among a plethora of other positive messages. A board member of MC Lyte’s Hip Hop Sisters , a core member of Toni Blackman’s Rhyme Like A Girl, and 1/3 of the phenomenal group GNU, pronounced “New,” AtLas’ is definitely leaving her footprint in the hip-hop community. Watch the video above to hear about her experience working with campers at the RHAPSODY Hip-Hop Summer Arts Camp.