Our Mission

Progressive Arts Alliance deepens the learning experience for students, educators, and artists by designing and implementing innovative, arts-integrated, project-based learning programs.

Our Vision

Progressive Arts Alliance envisions a transformed field of education in which a community of educators, schools and professional artists work collaboratively using arts-integration to develop and nurture critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration and communication skills.

What We Do

Since its founding in 2002, Progressive Arts Alliance (PAA) has been innovating how students are taught 21st century skills through contemporary arts and media. PAA’s staff and artist-educators create and deliver customized programs and professional development training that adopt and adapt emergent trends in education, such as STEM, the Maker Movement and social emotional learning, to deliver the most relevant programs for the needs of students, teachers and the community.

PAA Programming

  • Arts Integration Partnerships that integrate the arts and project-based learning into the core curriculum. Partnerships include semester-long workshop residencies that are collaboratively planned and implemented by a PAA artist-educator with a classroom teacher. These programs primarily take place in the PreK-8 STEM network in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.
  • RHAPSODY Hip-Hop Arts Camp that builds students’ 21st century skills in collaboration, leadership, problem solving, and more through rigorous workshops in music, art, poetry, and dance. Learn more about RHAPSODY here.
  • Summer Arts Integration Camps that are week-long immersive experiences that fuse project-based learning, STEM, and fine arts into libraries across Northeast Ohio through the Cuyahoga County Public Library System. Summer camps serve as incubator labs for artists to test new curricular units that are then refined and implemented during the school year. These meaningful summer learning activities reach over 500 students with programs that nurture creative problem-solving skills and give access to new technology applications.